A Complete Buying Guide of Colored Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are all the rage. Every other person you see is turning towards contacts owing to the convenience that they offer. And the benefits are quite a lot!

Contacts are an especially huge blessing for people with weak vision. If suited for contacts, these are the people who benefit the most. They can do away with big frames obscuring their faces, there’s no pesky line at the horizon of their vision, playing sports becomes easy and the list goes on!

For those of us who are blessed with perfect eyesight, colored contact lenses are a great way to take our dressing-up game a notch higher.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide:

Buying contacts or colored contacts sounds like a simple enough matter. But have you taken into account the seriousness of the matter? You are putting something in your eye, which will rest atop your eyeball for whatever amount of time you decide to use it for.

So it is really important that you proceed with the matter equipped with all the knowledge and information possible. In order to go about it in the best possible manner, sidestepping all the pitfalls is necessary!

·        Precautions prior to buying lenses

Lenses are available in most countries and can be bought without a prescription too. However, some countries such as the U.S banned the sale of lenses without a prescription from a qualified doctor, owing to the negative repercussions.

An optometrist is a person you must consult if you are contemplating the use of lenses, colored or otherwise. An optometrist is able to take and give accurate measurements and thus determine the right type of contacts for you to wear.

·        Discomfort

It isn’t an easy feat to put something in your eye. The natural reflex that your body is accustomed to since your birth is for the eye to squeeze shut if an object is approaching, and that is exactly what will happen. Your eyelids will move of their own accord to block the incoming contact!
Be prepared for discomfort and maybe even a burning sensation due to the saline/multipurpose solution coming into contact with your eye for the first time. It does get easier with time though, and a lot more comfortable!

·        The types of colored contacts

Colored contact lenses can be categorized into three branches on the basis of the intensity of the color that they impart to your eye. The first category is that of visibility tinted contacts. They have the slightest tinge of either blue or green. The purpose of adding this tint isn’t to give any color to the eyes, rather to make it easy to spot the lenses during insertion, removal or if they happen to fall. They are really tiny objects, and to try to spot a transparent lens if it falls is like looking for a needle in a haystack!

The second kind is contact lenses which have an enhancement tint. These add a slight burst of color to your eyes, designed to enhance the natural color of your eyes rather than changing it altogether. Say your eyes are blue; wearing enhancement tinted blue lenses would further enhance your natural color.

The last kind is the most obvious colored lenses which are opaque.
They completely cover the natural color of your eyes and add a veil of color. Your eyes will then be the color of your lenses. And this is where the fun truly begins as the possibilities and options are endless! You can adorn the color of your choice! Be it natural hues of green, brown, grey, blue or the more vivid shades!

·        What do you need?

Lenses are pretty easy going in that you don’t need a whole set of apparatus. But, that’s not to say that all you’ll need is a pair of lenses. For lenses that are disposable, the pair of lenses is enough for the most part. However for the disposable kind, you also need a storage case and a multipurpose solution.

Solutions for storing lenses can be broadly categorized into saline solutions and multipurpose solutions. The latter is generally recommended for use as it also contains agents that remove germs and harmful debris from the lenses and thus protects your eyes. The saline solution is just saline and is thus unable to effectively clean your contacts.

·        Wear and changing times

There are different lenses according to the needs of individuals. For instance, some people have a busy routine with no place for the added task of cleaning and storing lenses. Thus, they opt for disposable lenses, throwing them away after a days’ use and opening a fresh pack the next day.

Others want something more durable, more cost-friendly and they opt for reusable lenses. Yet some people want something they can wear for a few hours only. And there are some who want to wear lenses for extended time periods!

Carefully evaluate your needs and choose accordingly! Rest assured there’s something for everyone.

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