What you need to know when hiring a generator

Hiring a generator is a great choice in times of emergency and extraordinary situations. They provide a great, quick and flexible fix in difficult times. They not only work great for small businesses but have proven to be great saviors for large industries and institutions, especially the ones located in remote areas where power supply is hindered every now and then.

But when you decide to rent a generator, you can't just go out and bring any machine you like. There are certain questions you need to answer and certain requirements you need to keep in your mind before you bring the generator suited best to the problems you face. Before you rent a generator from any agency you must provide them with the right and complete information about your problems, needs and your operations and then they will advise you the best generators for you to choose from. That said you should know eastcoastgenerators.com.au are the best when you want to hire a generator Melbourne.

Below we are going to discuss the things you should ask and think of your needs before you rent a generator.


What needs to be known before hiring a generator..

Do you need to operate heavy load machinery?

The first question you must ask yourself and also inform the agency you are renting the generator from is how much load the generator would be required to take. With this the rental agency will advise you a generator whose size and power will fit your requirement.

What type of generator do you need?

You would be required to describe the type of generator you need for example you would need to tell if you need a AC generator or a DC. There are two types of AC generator which are induction generator and synchronous generators.

Similarly there are three types of DC generators namely permanent magnet DC generators, separately excited generators and self excited DC generators.

Fuel option you want

You may have fuel preference due to expenses as prices differ for different types of fuel. But be careful, you must know that fuel options may be restricted for some types. Anyways there are generators available which operate on petroleum, natural gas and diesel. So you choose what suits you best.

For what use you need, for how long

Now some situations would require a generator for prolonged periods and most generators cannot run for longer than a certain period so you may be required to hire 2 generators or a heavy duty which can run for longer periods.

The amount of current you need to be driven

Current can be calculated driven by the equipments in single phase which uses a single wire to connect the circuit and then there is three phase, which requires 3 wires to connect the circuit. Single phase power is 4.5 amp per kva and 1 amp per kva for three phase. So choose wisely.


Ask these important to yourself before you hire a generator Melbourne; this will save you from any wrong decision and future problems.


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